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Still thinking about therapy? I understand. Contact me by phone at 703-591-5912 ext. 6 for a complimentary, 10-minute consultation.  

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What kind of therapy do I provide?

I am a therapist in Fairfax, Virginia.  If you are an adult seeking help with  relationship issues, anxiety, feelings of isolation, or recovering from trauma and you are motivated to make a change, I can help you.  I work a bit differently than many therapists.  From the minute you walk in, we will begin working on what is making life hard for you, in a structured but caring way.  



Irene Ilachinski, MSW, LCSW




I accept cash, check or credit cards for therapy sessions.  Call me about fees.



I am trained in TRI (Traumatic Incident Recovery), a targeted therapy for healing trauma.  If you are troubled by past incidents that seem to get in the way of your living life more fully, this may be the treatment for you.  Please contact me for more information.

I am also trained in LSR (Life Stress Reduction), a way to work through your worries together with me, so that YOU can find relief.


Helping you find the calm within you.